I’ve been an avid photographer and enthusiast since the mid-1970s. My interest in photography started as I was inspired by my grandfather who shot 35mm slides at most of our family gatherings. His slide shows quickly became a well loved family tradition. Eventually this became an important piece of his legacy as it captured a valuable slice of our family history.

I began capturing images on 35mm film for friends and family. I eventually took an interest in live concerts, shooting acts such as Frank Zappa, Journey, The Grateful Dead, Muddy Waters, Peter Gabriel and many others.

Today, I spend much of my time photographing various types of sports and entertainment as a freelance photographer. I believe a good photograph is a fine art form.

My real love of photography is capturing images of events as they unfold, in the photojournalistic style. So if you have any special requests for assignment in and around the Chicago area, please drop me a note. I would love to help you capture some of your own history and begin to create a lasting legacy.

Thank you for visiting my site.